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Why choose Heat Pumps?

How do they work?

Heat pump technology is not new. Every domestic fridge and freezer incoorporates a heat pump. The heat pumps now commonly used for space and water heating  use exactly the same principle in reverse, i.e. they produce heat rather than cold.

In the case of ground source heatpumps, heat is extracted from the earth. The earth absorbs the sun's energy all year round. Whatever the weather, the temperature at around two metres below ground level remains fairly constant between 8 and 10C all year. Heat pumps are able to recover this natural ground heat in several ways but usually either from a borehole or a network of pipes buried in the ground. The natural ground heat is amplified in the heat pump to provide heated water for your central heating and hot water system. Heat pumps nowadays are so efficient at this process that typically only 1kW of electrical energy is required to produce 4kW of heat energy. This efficiency leads to considerably lower CO2 emissions than would be produced from a conventional boiler. Moreover heat pumps need virtually no maintenance and don't require unsightly fuel storage.

Air source systems extract heat from the outside air rather than the ground and are viable even in the coldest weather. They are cheaper to install than ground source, but aren't quite so efficient. An air source system will typically generate 3kW of heat energy for every kW of electrical input.