The Arden Lea Renewable System

A successful heat pump installation starts with professional design, a thorough assessment of the project requirements and a site survey. The heat requirement of the building will be calculated taking into account the local winter climate conditions and the standard of building insulation. New buildings are now required to conform to stringent insulation standards and must have an energy report to qualify for Building Regulations. The heating cost will be lower the better the building is insulated to begin with. For retrofit projects the suitability of the existing radiators, underfloor or other heat emitters for connection to the heat pump will be assessed and we will recommend upgrade where necessary.

New Build

For new build the design of the heating system will normally be specified by the architect or heating contractor and we will liaise with them to ensure that the appropriate heat pump is specified. In most cases the heat pump will be required to supply domestic hot water as well as central heating, so the hot water demand will also be calculated. Where necessary we will supply and install additional water storage and/or link the system with your existing immersion heater and control system.

Commercial Installations

For larger commercial installations, we can build packaged skid mounted systems in our own specialist workshops. Once the heat load of the building is established and the type of heating system has been finalised, an appropriate heat pump can be specified. Our clients are provided with all the information used to arrive at the proposed design, as well as a projection of future running costs and predicted savings.

Ground Source Heating Systems

For Ground Source heating systems, a survey of the local ground conditions is vital. This can sometimes be determined from an existing geotechnical survey, but usually we recommend an ‘on the spot’ assessment and if necessary the digging of a test bore or trench. In most cases, the most economical solution where sufficient land is available is to install a well designed ground array consisting of 40mm MDPE tube buried underground. Our groundworks crews are expert at welding MDPE pipes using electrofusion, and can therefore guarantee a leak free ground array. Where there isn't sufficient land for a ground array a borehole will be required. In either case, Arden Lea's 35 years of experience in groundworks is your guarantee that the groundworks will be carried out to a high standard and with the minimum of mess and disruption. We are able to reinstate the land to 'as before' condition by reseeding or turfing when requested. Once the heat pump has been installed and connected electrically our engineers will test and commission to ensure that the heat pump is running in accordance with the manufacturer's specification. We will provide personal instruction in the operation of the heat pump as well as an operators’ manual and full details of the total installation.